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Commercial / Industrial

Cruicial role of lighting in everyday life


Quality LED lighting enables good working conditions, less maintenance

Good lighting promotes a feeling of security and well being, enables good working conditions, while bad lighting kills people, places and jobs. The quality of life for inhabitants of housing estates, commercial and industrial areas can be significantly transformed by better lighting. Tremendous improvements can be achieved at relatively small cost.

People are usually only aware of lighting when it is not working. But lighting plays a crucial role in everyday life, when at work, home or outside. It affects the way we see things, the way we feel and also the amount of money we have to invest to make them work, repair. If the lighting is adding to your big electrical bill and affects your time, then you should start thinking about alternatives.  

LED lights bring several advantages such as energy efficiency, durability, long lifespan, no UV emissions, no flicker and dramatically reduced maintenance requirements. This translates into energy savings, maintenance savings and an overall reduction in cost of ownership over the product's lifetime.

Cutting costs is ideal for any business, especially if you want to maintain your current workforce. So why not cut your operating costs? With a business wide switch to LED lighting, you’ll significantly decrease your energy consumption.

Whether you’re developing a private property that requires lighting or are a business owner please get in touch to be connected with the experienced professionals to help you evaluate the costs, benefits and return on investment.



Up to 90% energy savings


Ultra energy efficient up to 90%

Industrial lighting is different from most office lighting in that fluorescents are not as heavily relied upon since they do not generate enough bright light.  It's common to have very high powered incandescent lights in an industrial space.  The wattage for these lights can be 500 to 1000 watts per light and they're typically placed high above the workspace depending on the industry.  This is a perfect scenario for LED lights. 

The best value proposition for LED lighting is against these high powered, high wattage incandescent lights (whether halogen, sodium halide, etc).  We can usually take a 1000 watt light down to about 120 watts.  Think about the cost in an industrial space where lights are probably running a minimum of 10 hours (sometimes 24/7). That alone is a reason for any industrial space to switch over. 

Industrial LED lighting even works against fluorescent lighting with less significant savings.  Where an LED light might reduce the cost by 90% in comparison to incandescents, the savings might be closer to 30-50% in comparison to fluorescents. 



Less maintenance costs


This is only the beginning of the savings with LED industrial lighting. The lifespan of our LED lights is 60,000 hours compared to 2000-5000 hours for most common industrial lighting (incandescent or fluorescent).  Industrial spaces tend be more complicated in terms of accessing lighting fixtures for replacement and can be expensive and time consuming. LED lighting decreases your need for replacements and maintenance because of their remarkably long lives.




Increased productivity

Good white light improves visibility


Another surprising benefit of LED lighting is increased producitivity. Lighting, as it turns out, can have a much greater affect on productivity than you might think. Warm yellow lighting may be relaxing, but it can also lead to sleepy employees. Likewise, a dimly lit workplace can cause headaches and decrease productivity as your worker squint to see.


LED lighting can address all of these problems. With bright white light of LED lamps or fixtures you can improve visibility and even increase morale. Now your technical workers can see what they’re doing and your office will discourage sleepiness.






More Appealing Storefront At Night

Some storefronts look more appealing and lively at night, while others seem boring or even dangerous. The key difference is in lighting. At night, the human eye tends to prefer higher color temperatures or white light. Yellow lights, in this case, actually appear less bright and therefore less inviting.

If you want your storefront to be appealing at all hours an LED lighting upgrade to your parking lot can encourage more customer visits and improve safety.